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About Us

The foundations of Inrom were laid in 1985 with the goal of bringing international standards and qualities to the Indian market. The company began its humble origins with the introduction of fluorescent lighting in Mumbai’s local railways. It later diversified into the manufacturing of power supplies, battery charging systems, access control systems, bio-metric security systems and various screen printing equipment to name a few.

Over the years we have carved a name for ourselves as a R&D based company with vast experience in design and development of various high end technological solutions. We have been involved in the electronics and power industry for the past 28 years and have had a reputation for being at the forefront of technology. 

We have supplied numerous government and private institutions with an array of products. We also work with DGCA and various airlines for doing maintenance and servicing of various aircraft.



With our firm understanding of technologies such as efficient thermal management, power supply design and optical design we are now launching SWITCHON INDIA a subsidiary of INROM Systems Pvt. Ltd. with its sole focus being LED based lighting solutions.

We felt that there is a dearth in the Indian market for high quality LED products. Our products have a lot of R&D invested in them and are indigenously developed by highly qualified INROM engineers which makes these products highly reliable and absolutely maintenance free. They can be a direct replacement to your older lights and hence there is no change in setup required. Our products also come with a 5 year guarantee which is unheard of in the Indian market.




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